1. Art On The Underground

    13 Sep 2019
    Over the past few months I’ve been working with TFL and Art On The Underground to create a new campaign that highlights some of the projects that the program has commissioned over the past 19 years. Working with designers Praline, we spoke to TFL staff, members of the public, and…

  2. The Gull, The Leek & The Bitches

    23 Aug 2019
    Last month I visited 2 different islands along the South Western coast of the UK, as I continued to work on my ongoing series The Gatekeepers.  For the first of these 2 trips I visited Flat Holm, the tiny 630m wide island in the middle of the Bristol Channel that is…

  3. Valdeluz for The New York Times

    19 Aug 2019
    A few months ago I was sent to Spain for The New York Times to shoot a photo essay on the revival of the Spanish ghost town of Valdeluz. I have been researching the story of Valdeluz over the past year and it immediately sparked my interested as soon as I heard…

  4. Trains, Brexit & Doombar

    08 Aug 2019
    A few weeks ago I was asked by Die Zeit to go and photograph Tim Martin, the controversial founder of the UKs biggest pub chain JD Wetherspoons. Since opening his first pub in Muswell Hill in North London back in 1979, Tim Martins empire has grown to an impressive 883 establishments across the country.…

  5. The Gatekeepers featured in The Guardian

    20 Apr 2019
    Honoured to have this fantastic 7 page feature on The Gatekeepers featured in The Guardian weekend magazine. Thanks to Kate Edwards, Caroline Drake and Melissa Denes for this, and also to Patrick Barkham for the wonderful write up!  You can read the full article online here.

  6. Bardsey Island

    07 Jun 2018
    Last month I set out on the 3rd voyage of my island adventure and ventured out across the sea to the tiny island of Bardsey just off the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. As has been the case for all of the trips I have done so far for this project,…

  7. The Isle of Puffins

    02 May 2018
    Back in March 2018 I chartered a helicopter to take me on the 12 mile journey across the Bristol Channel to Lundy, the tiny island that would become my home for the next 8 days.  The journey was by no means an easy one. The day I was due to…

  8. The Start of Something New

    26 Apr 2018
    Back in October 2017 I chartered a small fishing boat called The Dale Princess from the tiny bay of Martins Haven in South Pembrokeshire and travelled across the choppy waters to Skomer Island, embarking on the first trip of what would become my new project, The Gatekeepers.  Having grown up…

  9. ‘David’s House’ featured on VICE

    01 Feb 2017
    Photographing the Smallest City in the UK Like Twin Peaks, but without all the murder and stuff. St David’s is a small community on the westernmost tip of Wales. Only 1,891 people live there, which makes it the smallest city in the UK by quite a long shot. It’s…

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