A Return Home - AFC Wimbledon for 11 Freunde

This was an interesting, yet challenging brief! Last month, 11 Freunde sent me to document the historic return of AFC Wimbledon to their home ground, Plough Lane, after 29 years away, and 18 years after their controversial relocation to Milton Keynes. 
My brief was to document the build up to the game, highlighting their triumphant return after all these years, and learn what it meant to the fans to be back on home turf. 
The only caveat being: the stadium was completely surrounded by a building site, no one but the players were allowed inside, and the clubs manager asked people to keep away to avoid breaking social distancing rules, which meant there was only a handful of the most loyal supports anywhere to be seen. 
Thanks to Philipp Pernkopf for the fun brief, and to the loyal supporters I met that day!  

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