Oh Pembrokeshire, you really are something else! From epic mountains and dramatic landscapes, to crashing waves and beautiful sunsets, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in this magical place. 

Last week I spent the evening amongst the sand dunes on Whitesands Beach with a group of young surfers, as they took to the waves and basked in the last warm light of the sun. It was like a flashback to my time growing up in St Davids, where I would spend my whole summer down on the beach with my mates surfing, rowing, or cliff jumping along this awesome coastline, followed by evenings spent camping and drinking in the sand dunes - whilst our parents thought we were all staying at each others houses (sorry mum!). 

It was great to document this playful and carefree period of their lives - just a group of mates enjoying themselves during their last summer together before heading off to university. 

Scroll through this wonderful evening below, and check out the surf clothing brand they have set up, “Offshore”, here.

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