David's House

St Davids is the UKs smallest city, located on the most Western point of the Pembrokeshire coast with a population of just 1841. This project explores the connection between people and place, seeking to understand the connections that the subjects have with the landscape, and their reasoning and choices for spending their lives in such a secluded part of the world. St Davids is where I was brought up, and through this emotional connection with the landscape, I was able to offer a personal documentation of this tightly formed community, in which I spent my childhood.

The project has evolved from my initial connection with my neighbour, Dai, and the life he has spent in St Davids and the stories he had to tell. Broadening the work to the wider community, I am in search of what connects other members of the community to the place and explores how St Davids has impacted their lives. 

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